Secure cloud for your company's files
Lena protects your documents against ransomwares, internal thefts and data leaks.
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Why Lena?

All businesses, even smaller ones, should be able to protect their data against threats such as accidental losses, ransomwares or data leaks without having to use cumbersome software undermining its productivity.

Lena is an easy-to-use file storage and sharing cloud service that offers a high level of protection and confidentiality.


Lena is easy to use, fully integrated with Windows. No need to learn how to use a new software.

Protection against leaks

Lena can detect suspicious behaviors and protect your files accordingly.

Ransomware protection

Real-time ransomware detection and neutralization. Damages inflicted can be reverted in a instant.

Hosted in France

With unlimited storage space leveraging cloud technologies.

Backup & versioning

Real-time backup in the cloud: you will never lose a file anymore. Consult and restore instantly any previous version.

Smart Sync

Lena only syncs locally the files your really use. Those files can be used off-premises and offline, without any VPN.


Your data is encrypted on each computer, in-transit and on our servers using AES-256.

Instant sharing

Share instantly any file/folder, regardless of its size, to third-parties by sending a simple link.

Instant search

Search instantly across thousands of files, even in the files' content itself.

Easy data migration

Instant and automatic import of your existing files.

Easy management

Lena lets you manage access rights in an easy and intuitive way.

Activiy monitoring

Thorough and detailed statistics about users activity.

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How does it work?

Technically, Lena is a virtual filesystem hosted in the cloud which behaves like a regular drive on your computer. It means that Lena can intercept any attempt made by any user/program to access a file and decide to grant it or not based on access rules and security parameters.

Thanks to cloud technologies, Lena is highly available and storage space will never be an issue.

Lena shows up as a regular drive in your PC and lets you work as usual while offering new features such as:
  • Synchronizing only the files you really use on your computer (other files are downloaded on the fly)
  • Consulting file/folders as they were at any given past date and restoring them (even if they were deleted).
  • Sharing a file/folder instantly with a simple link.
  • Viewing a folder's activity (changes made to files inside the folder) and subscribing to folder changes notifications.
Users with a manager status also have also access to the following features, directly form the file explorer:
  • Managing access & sharing rights.
  • Managing copy and offline usage restrictions.
  • Viewing users activity.
  • Viewing usage statistics.
Lena offers an easy way for administrators to:
  • Manage users and groups.
  • Set globaly security policies.
  • Manage Lena drives.
An optional component, the Lena Enterprise Server, can be installed on-premises on a local server in order to:
  • Bootstrap Lena instantly from your existing files (all the files are available right away in Lena).
  • Keep a full mirror copy of the data in Lena on your own server.
  • Cache on your local network the most used files to enhance performances.
  • Authenticate Lena users against your Active Directory.


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Storage space
Continuous backup
Versions history
Instant rollback
1 GB
500 GB(1)
0.02€/mth per additional GB
2 TB(1)
0.02€/mth per additional GB
File Sync & Sharing
Smart Sync
File/folder tracking
Instant full-text search
File/folder tags
Share by link
File drop
Full encryption
Leak prevention
Read/write quotas
Fine-grained access control
Live threat detection
Detailed reporting
Enterprise integration
Authentication against Active Directory
Windows File Share connector
On-premises cache
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You will have to download the desktop installer after subscribing, please use a computer for that.

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