Secure cloud for your company's files
Lena protects your documents against ransomwares, internal thefts and data leaks.
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Lena Cloud

Lena's origin dates back to the time when one the founders realized that many SMBs are distraught in face of preserving their intellectual property and expertise against IT threats. Many dangers such as hardware failures, ransomwares or data leaks put their files at risk and there is not a simple and unique solution to cover them all. This is why we created Lena, an easy-to-use and secured cloud service designed for SMBs so that they can store their files in it and take care of their core business with their mind at ease.






Developer from an early age, Olivier has attended Arts & Métiers ParisTech and Imperial College London then worked on trading software for a major bank for several years, and in a data analytics startup.



Passionate about IT since he put his hands on his first computer, Sylvain studied at Arts & Métiers ParisTech and IIT Kanpur in India then worked as an IT Project Manager for 5 years in a public transport company.